| Second Build | Vanguard | Focbox | 10s Single 6355 190kv | Split Enclosure

Hi there, After reading a lot of builds, and have build a cheap board, I decided to rebuild my first diy board. I love the desing of boosted but like DIY board much more :wink: So here goes another build topic…

Specs Deck: Loaded Vanguard - Flex 2 Trucks: Caliber II 50s Wheels: 90mm ABEC Clones Enclosures: Eboosted enclosure Battery: 10s4p Li-ion 30Q VESC: Focbox Motors: 1x 6355 190kv Motor Mounts: Hobbyking Remote: Nano-x Bluetooth: HM-10

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I want to know if it is possible to route those wires such as @whitepony I don’t want a broken board over time :sweat_smile:

image image

as you can see from the picture, i laminated the routed areas with a layer of fiberglas to be safe! using the board since 3 years nearly daily now (around 20km/day), never failed me yet after using nowinds extreme ronin mount!


I have done this too, without the fiberglass even. It works great, never had a problem!

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Also the motor wires?

I think i don’t want to work with fiberglass it is much work I think. I don’t have experience with it…

Received my enclosures from @Eboosted They look great! Thnx for it!

Now i am thinking about the battery config. 10s3pimage



That BMS is huge!


I know… is 60amp con. maybe thinking of 80A but that is to high for the cells. I have much space under the BMS and don’t know to do something with it

Why don’t you use a BMS for charging only and install a 10s4p?


how deep did you route the board for the wires? PICS PLS

I don’t trust myself with discharging. I want to have a BMS that check each groups off cells voltage. And off the weight. I have a 10s4p pack and don’t want to till that weight when walking.

I am also building a pack that can do charging while driving. So if I want a large range, I can take that with me

@Eboosted I saw that you are using a 10s4p pack in your build. Does your housing fit perfectly on your board? When I insert my 10s4p pack into the housing, the housing rises a few millimeters imageimageimage

When i place my 10s3p pack in the enclosure, I have the same problem :confused: imageimage imageimage

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It seems the issue is the Flex 2, the flex 3 has just a small gap that closes with the bolts. Try fitting the 10s3p and install the securing screws.