Second Hand Parts for Sale

Euro 80 + shipping for everything. Shipped from Spain

300kv Motor

2 Brand new Drive Belts (5m-415)

Wheel Pulley Fits Tramps Hypa Hubs and others 72t

Nano remote and receiver modified for improved signal.

Any chance you’d split it? I’ll have the belts if they work with trampa gear…

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What remote is that?

Nanno Remote

If u want only the belts 20 euro for them + shipping .

Could you please tell us the motor name Or share the Specification sheet?

also you could split everything because some people need a new remote some a motor @High-roller wants 5mm belts. Good luck with your sale!

Just be sure, what are the belts widths?

Only one pulley? If you have two I’ll take them

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OK guys I will sell all individually.

Remote €15 + shipping

Belts €20 + Shipping they are 15mm wide and fit most pulleys I have used other belts of the same size on a trampa yes .

The motor is from scarmboards it is 300kv really fast and works well I have used it before €40 + shipping.

Sorry only 1 wheel pulley think 72t €15 will fit trampa

Please if anyone wants any of these things let me know and I can send them to you asap and you can send me payment over PayPal .


PM’d you about the belts.

PM’d you about the Remote.