Secret Santa 2017 (Completed)

So I offered to help non-EU members benefit from a sale of TSG Pass helmets recently and shipped them out but the last one (mine) got lost. I’m trying to open up a group buy for these helmets as they’re expensive and I wanted to acquire them.

I came home today to find this…

I’ve given my address to a fair few people on this forum (sounds dodgy now that I think about it) from buying things from others so I can’t go around asking each of them but clearly someone has given me an early Christmas present so I want to thank them and share yet another story about this incredible community.

From this, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in taking part in a global Secret Santa. They do this on Reddit and I was thinking it would be amazing to get a gift sent over. This could be anything from stickers and decals to spice up the tuppaware box under your board to belts, a motor or even a complete should anyone have deep enough and generous enough pockets.

Important Information

I’ve had quite a few people join in so far (33 as of 8th Dec) and to save me time answering FAQs I’ll use this space to explain how this works.

1. Complete the survey while its still open (till 11th Dec, 20:00 GMT…ish)

2. If you’d like to, share your gift and wishlist, they will be taken into consideration when matching you. If you’d rather leave it all as a surprise, feel free to leave the ‘special request’ box blank.

3. After matching has been done in the background, you’ll be PM’d with details of your receiver and any preferences they have (no chopped up hookers like in Narcos included, though I worry about the climate you live in @PredatorBoards).

4. Considering the Christmas period for deliveries is pretty much in full swing, posting your gift ASAP is best. Otherwise the deadline for posting your gifts is Sunday 17th, if you can’t meet this deadline, let me know and I’ll inform your receiver of the delay.

Have fun! This has been really exciting and I’m keen to see pictures of what people receive in due time.


I think a global secret Santa would be a great idea, I’m in!

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I’am in :wink:

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That’s a great idea! One I’ve actually been toying with myself. I was thinking a form where whoever wants to participate signs up and the the participants are randomly assigned?

Shipping costs might mess it up. Maybe give people an option for local or international?


Great idea! I’ll take that into account and draft up something on Survey Monkey or similar.

Haha this sounds great, i’m in

Shipping small packets slow-mo mail (no tracking) is about 10$ around the world.


I’m in, who wants a spangly new enclosure from Santa?


I’d love to do it!

Oh, I will pass, not in the country…

me me me

heh but i’m in! I can share the love with a few free things :wink:

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Im in. Whats the price limit?

Not sure about price limit. I’ve made the survey but wondering about if we should have this completely open or restricted to people with a minimum read time?

Among regulars only? Post a thread in the lounge


I’m not sure, there are people who have crazy stats but aren’t regulars and I’d hate to dismiss such great contributors to this forum. I’m happy to check usernames listed and ensure they’ve got a certain amount of likes and/or read time before I put their name in with the rest.


Just tried the survey and it seemed perfect! I would say to just match people by regions (North America, Europe etc.) I think it’s a good idea to limit it to people that have a few days read time or are regulars. Maybe do a price minimum and maximum for the gifts? So you can’t send a single daddy’s boards shop sticker and hope to receive a focbox lol

I’m in hehe

This sounds interesting :slight_smile:

Another idea: White elephant gift exchange with used “back of drawer” parts, valued in at $5-30 dollars. Open to everyone with over one day read time.

Secret Santa used and new parts valued $60-300 open to only regulars or people with x days read time.

I’m just thinking run two separate events


I’m in! Not sure about globally due to my hatred of filling out postal forms and waiting in line, but definitely in the US.

I have a few things I’m willing to gift

I wouldn’t mind joining! I got some extra esk8 parts. I think the range should be about 10~50 dollars and US only. Shipping is a pain.

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