Sector 9 Deck || Ollin OM5065 || Enertion S.P.A.C.E. Cell Pro 3 || Ollin Vesc || 83mm Flywheels || Caliber II's

Hey guys, This is some of the process on my DIY Electric skateboard

Ok, so I got “Raw Caliber II” trucks on my sector nine bintang deck, but i think I’m going to buy black calibers… What do you guys think?

Heres the bottom of the deck…

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Raw is cool

Yeah, and I guess it will save me more money :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Okay, so I got the main pulley for the wheels. Basically atm its useless because the hole isn’t wide enough but i think i can do something about that

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Okay, first off, a bit of wear / tear on the motor (Still works perfect) and I had to solder the connectors on the VESC (explains why the xt60 is a bit messed up) but other than those everything is perfect.

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I may use this >> << on the bottom of the deck…It’c cheap k? It’s basically a sticker

Update: My cheap pulley is stuck to my motor shaft… Should be a simple fix. Maybe…

Update: Cheap pulley got stuck, so I visited my gramps house and got it unstuck.

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