Sector 9 short board I 6364 I TB trucks I VESC I 2x 5s Lipos I US I

After about 3 months of riding my first build, I’ve decided I’m ready to upgrade. My current board is single motor short board.

SPECS: Turnigy SK3 6364 motor Torqueboards motor mount and Caliber trucks Flywheels 83 mm (Black) Torqueboards VESC (2x) Turnigy 5s 5000 mAh lipos Torqueboards enclosure 25 inch Sector 9 short board BMS, 3 pin charge port, 42 volt charge brick, battery meter(green) Nano remote


NOTES: I get about 11 miles of range on this board, and in total this board has about 100 miles on it. The grip tape is worn down, and there are some scratches, on the bottom, but that will happen no matter what, and the grip tape is super easy to reapply. The enclosure has a battery meter installed, along with a 3 pin charger port and and xt 90 anti spark loop key. This board is super reliable, and the BEST commuter board. It fit in my locker no problem. It has a nice wide kicktale. Which makes it super easy to maneuver through traffic. I am looking to sell this board for about $650 without shipping, or $700 shipped. I might take offers in individual parts, but please no unreasonable prices, since everything is in pretty good condition.

image![image|375x500] (upload://9B5DCKQ3H3hBM2JWE5nyrjVnWeW.jpeg)imageimage

I’m in the Santa Clara/ San Jose/ Bay Area, so pick up is an option!

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if youre looking to part it out, I would like to buy the BMS, charger and the charge port please :slight_smile:

@anon64938381 pm for price