See realtime data from two VESCs

Is it possible to see realtime data (voltage, current, rpm) in BLDC_Tool for several VESCs? If yes, can I see it all at the same time, or do I need to switch between CAN ports? Or maybe I can run two BLDC_Tool apps at the same time?

I only have one mono Board and never tested it with two, but i think it should work if you connect your vescs with cables on an Laptop at the same time and use BLDC with diffrent Com ports

Someone correct me if I’m wrong but if you enable the can fwd the realtime data should be from both vescs…

That’s what I am trying to figure out. Can not test it right now, because don’t have two VESCs but looking at BLDC_Tool code PacketInterface::processPacket does not check where the packet comes from. I think it is only possible to specify which VESC you want to communicate with, but it does not work to receive packets from all VESCs at the same time