Seeking advice to allow 6374 dual motors on caliber trucks...staggered?...interested in your thoughts

Hi All

I am planning a new build and I am keen to use dual 6374 motors. I really want to use genuine skate trucks such as caliber though!

I have seen people discuss dual diagonal and dual forward / rear facing.

I haven’t seen any discussion on mounting both forward facing - but one on a short mount, the other on a longer mount to give adequate room for both motors - guess it could be called forward facing dual staggered rear mount? I suppose this is only limited by mount stability (flexibility) for a longer mount, and the implications on belt length (which could probably be overcome with idlers??).

Are there any other implications? may be more susceptible to hitting speed bumps etc.

Interested in all your experience and thoughts!



I’ve seen this done only once before on some guys diy board. I think he had a race with Casey Neistat and smoked his evolve board lol

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My bad, it was actually buy Fabtrav here’s the link


That is cool! Some inspiration!

Any ideas if there are any details of that DIY board on the internet anywhere?

I’ve got no idea tbh, sorry. I don’t see it being any different than normal drives except like you said about the longer mount needing to be stronger


Or you could mount one motor in front of the truck, and the other behind it.

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I was hoping my board will still have a small, but functional kicktail so I can kick a tight turn in if required or drop down a curb and was worried if i had a motor out the back it would get knocked around.

This is always an option though.

Does anyone have experience with backwards facing motors? Do they get banged about?

Have you considered surfrodz rkp 200’s and psychotiller mounts? Or the tkp 177’s. They should both work for 6374 motors side by side. They are genuine and the mounts are strong. When the mount is tight it is straight. No ifs, and or buts.

Rkp 200’s with 80mm axles on the back image

Tkp’s with 70mm axles and 6355’s image image


Damn man, that Mas is looking badass. I can’t wait to see the finished board!

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