Seeking input on 11S6P or 12S6P Battery Pack for my 4WD project


I am building a 4WD Board with 2 Focbox Unity ESC’s and 4X Raptor 2.1 Hub Motors.

I currently have a homemade 12S6P Battery Pack of Sony VTC5A Lithium ion batteries that works well.

My Problem is that there is not enough room inside the enclosure beneath the Deck to fit the 2nd Focbox Unity Controller.

One option would be to cut a row of 6 batteries out of the homemade battery pack, thus reducing it to an 11S6P Battery Pack.

Otherwise, I will need to add at least an inch to the decks width to put the Focbox below the Battery pack.

Has anyone ever tested an 11S versus a 12S with Focbox Unity? It is my understanding that the aded voltage is mostly of significance to the top speed. Since I am not looking to go the top speed capable with 12S anyway, maybe the decrease in voltage down to 11S would be barely noticeable as the Current of the battery pack should remain apx. the same.

Any comments are appreciated.


My only suggestion is to get rid of the Raptor hubs, literally anything else is better

And 11S should still have plenty of juice

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Use @Hummie hubs instead :smiley:

Also, I would top mount the unities? For airflow. If you’re going to go for performance, you might aswell actually allow them to perform.

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6P is the bottom end of where you want to be for 4wd.

Thanks for writing, Pedrodemio!

I was thinking 11S would probably be enough voltage as well for my purposes.

In my opinion, a fun ESK8 Board doesn’t necessarily need to have a super fast top speed. And it probably isn’t going to be unusually bulky looking, or extra heavy either.

Pedrodemio, Would You be willing to say a few words about why You do not recommend Raptor Hubs?

Thanks in advance : )

Overheating issues, heavy, enertion has poor business practises. Hummie hubs are around the same price but the quality is way up there, and you’re not likely to get screwed over if anything goes wrong (Which it more than likely won’t considering the construction quality)

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Ben said the most of it

But my biggest problem with them is the consumption, it’s way to high, they are really inefficient, you can go more than twice as far just by changing the hubs to a direct drive from @torqueboards


Thanks for the replies guys. I’ll definitely take a look at Hummies because I have given up on having a satisfactory customer experience with Enertion.

In any case, I rode for awhile with the 12S6P. After about 20 miles I had a Focbox go out. Then I forgot to cut the Braking Regeneration power by half from what it was when I had a 2 wheel drive board, and blew another Focbox.

While my Board was running with the 4 wheel drive, 12S6P, I noticed I wasn’t using the top half of the throttle joysticks range. My budget for the project is pretty much gone with the last 2 burned out Focboxes. I have 1 new and 1 used Focbox remaining to make it happen. So I’m going to go down to a 11S6P battery pack and reduce some of the parameters in my Focbox so that it makes it for more than say 20 miles before giving up the ghost.

Will definitely check out Hummies for next time around