Seeking motor repair service in the US?

I have a maytech 170kv 6374 sensored motor that I purchased new last fall and had it short out on me during a ride a couple months ago. I have since replaced it with a new identical one but would love to salvage this one so I can throw together a single drive build with stuff i’ve accumulated lol. Does anyone know or offer a service to repair these motors? Any help appreciated

I do not know how motors are repaired but I would guess that it would need rewinding and that takes a lot of time, you would probably be better off just buying a new one Wait for someone with more knowledge on this then me before deciding

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I had a feeling it might just be the phase leads needing a new solder joint, the motor doesnt have all that many miles on it even. It has just been through some rough roads. Thought it would be worth a shot to fix it if possible, maybe ill just pull it apart myself…

These motors have really strong magnets, make sure to secure it properly so it does not bite one of your fingers off when pulling it apart :smiley:

listen to what @Acido said… i recently opened my sk3s for cleaning and closing them up the magnets snapped shut and i pinched my finger good and got a chunk of skin stuck between the fan and the motor can…after a small blood sacrifice however the motors run great

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