Segmented Carbon Flex Enclosure for Trampa Urban Carver

WOW, I want to make one, I wonder if I can fit a larger pack, perhaps 12s8p, two stacks of 12s4p…

guess you could stack batteries, but then the slim looks are down the drain. basically double height segments would allow about 80-90 cells in total - at that point you need to be careful through - trampas are made with flex and energy returns in mind - if you have a very thin board like me (14pl), you can theoretically bottom it out - easily with bindings and jumping, probably a lot harder with just carving but with some rough ground, bumpy sidewalks and when pushing outwards hard it might be possible too!

in that case Id try to build the enclosure by using slim segments in the middle of the board and increasingly thicker segments towards the trucks! that way you wont bottom out on your battery and you still have everything below your board!


omg!!! this is truly a piece of art. DIY at its best.

btw: not bad for 1st of April. hahaaa!!!

Can you recommend like a starter set with the right epoxy and the correct glass to use plus the carbon for looks? I don’t have a vacuum pump but read that ghetto bagging should work as well.

hm, its not super easy - the initial things you need sounds like a lot:

resin: glas I usually buy aero quality, since its cheap anyway: there is also blackened glas which is probably kinda cool! :smiley: for carbon finishing layers I use spread twill, because its already slightly flattened and makes for a smoother surface: otherwise just 200gr/m^2 twill: or any 200gr/m^2 unidirectional for craziest strength per layer. unidirectional is quite stiff though, youll need proper vacuum bagging to use UD carbon imo!

for vacuum bagging: vacuum sealing tape: vacuum bag: bleeder layer: soaking material:

random stuff for mixing - cup, kitchen scale. random stuff for vacuum - valve/hose/…!


Beautifull enclosure whitepony !,

How did you Wire the gaps between the sections ?

wrote about that in the first post - under the gap segments there is a few millimeter pure resin which I can use to dremel gaps large enough for flat cooper wire. didnt actually do that yet, still need to build the battery … but in my head its all done! :wink:

Yes i was thinking about the actual wiring of the battery to bridge the Gaps. I guess you will need a 90 Degree Nickel strip that folds under battery on each Parallel Pack,…then from there a Flat copper Wire going to next Pack ?

there wont be any wire under the battery! Ill use nickel strips (4 ontop of each other for serial currents). at the right point it will extend by the width of my flat wire so that I can bend the strips by 90°. then Ill solder the flat wire sandwiched by 2 nickel strips each and the flat wire will bridge the gap between segments by forming a simple “U”-shape and the enclosure segment gap sitting in that U.

Im also organizing the battery in a way that “+” and “-” pole end exactly at the largest segment with the vescs - so there wont be any long wire running through the whole length of the battery.

Ill probably start working on it this weekend, then youll see what I mean with fotos! :slight_smile:

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today the motors from @fottaz arrived - just 3 days from italy to germany. :slight_smile: they look great and have no print, which I like. also I noticed they coast very freely - curious about how they will perform.

started to assemble @Nowind spur drive mini motor mounts with the 2x 6355 motors and Im really happy with the results. the spur drive coasts super well, looks really great and Im looking forward to the debris-free drive train.

this weekend I will probably start with the battery and Ill have to order 2 vescs :slight_smile:


You make me wanna rebuild mine all over again :smiley: or do 2nd build :smiley:

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Heyy @whitepony I’m happy you are satisfied with Eskating services, just let us know what do you think about the motors :wink: I have no words for your build! that’s super clean, wonderful!!! :heart_eyes:


It looks like you have room for 12s4p still i figured u were going to use one of the segments for a bms? And the larger one for dual vescs. This is awesome cant wait to see the battery build.

its 5 smaller segments for the battery (each segment can carry 2x 4 cells for a total of 10S4P, organized in 5x 2x 4P), and the larger segment for 2x vesc, loop key/electronik switch (probably not the latter, dont trust in these and they steal Wh), receiver and whatever else I can think of. :slight_smile:

thats the layout - last segment can fit either 4.12 vesc or any of the new formats - thats why its slightly larger than necessary! that picture also illustrates how small a trampa actually is - its kinda hard to fit much more below it in a segmented flex layout! :wink:


Will you be removing the batteries to charge them?

no, of course not - last electronic segment will have a charge port. :slight_smile:

Definitely cant wait to see it lol

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flex testing - Im really happy :smile:

the sqeaky sounds stems from the pneumatic wheels on the tiles - the enclosure on board didnt really make any sound at all!


Great! I wonder how you can keep standing on this board without bindings with such a flex. :anguished:

That looks amazing…that is gonna be a fun ride!