Seismic Alpha is coming

Looks like the newest sickest downhill wheel and it also looks like it could be the best eskate wheel going forward…what do you guys think, is the alpha gonna be the new alpha?

Also who can machine some Speedvent core pulleys? Seriously where are these things?

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Quick Link

72 USD 76A 75.5mm 64 USD 77A 75.5mm

75.5mm? Cringe. One crack in my city and i’m in the hospital


Defcon formula at 62mm wide, they are almost as wide as they are tall…

Why not just settle on ABEC 11 Centraxes or Venom Magnums?

Why would they be the best eskate wheel?

You’d probably want to stick with speed vents, they’ve got roll speed and grip.

Alpha wheels are going to be deigned for competitive DH, AKA less grip w/ controllable slides for pre-drifts and hook up.

Are you going to be pulling power slides with your Eskate?