Seized bearing melted wheel

Anyone ever have this happen to them? Went for a ride down the beach,about a 7 mile stretch,few hills up and down to get there nothing too steep. Check my wheels every day,keep them just tight enough but not too tight,use the suplied washers on both sides. The bearing friction burned through the plastic and now touches the bearing on the other side of the wheel!! Can’t see how this happened “fualty wheel” maybe? Really fucking annoying as you can’t just buy one wheel to replace it!!

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I would say the bearing has failed and sized up which has then spun in the wheel getting hot and melted the plastic.

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Yeah could well be,1 week old though only been on 5 rides max!! Just wanted to put this out there and see how many people it’s happened to.

does the bearing spin?

yeah looks like a seized bearing. just bad luck really. nothing much you can do.

although those enertion wheels are dirt cheap right now.

Not yet got it out the wheel to inspect.

Your telling me lol 5 rides!! Iv had more from a local chick i met at a bar in a week!

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You should use spacer next time :slight_smile:


Between the bearing and nut? going to my local hardware shop tomorrow to upgrade the washers.

No between the bearings, like this:

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Spacer inbeteeen the bearings. Like a little metal tube that keeps the bearings seated correctly. You can tighten down on these then.

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Exactly the same happened for me. One of the bearings got so hot it melted the core…

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@Lukas @bigben thanks man had them all along,wasn’t sure where they went. Will install them now with some new wheels so I can hit the road jack!

Just pulled the bearing out the wheel it is slightly seized but still spins!

With this title It looks like the wheel was the problem, but it was the bearing. Imo.

@Lukas do you recommend bearing spacers on all wheels or just the back motorised ones?

you should have spacers on every wheel.


Cool thanks will buy two more.

Zealous Bearings for Longboards and Skateboards Maybe try these I’ve used them they’re great no need for any other hard ware it’s all built in and not to costly


This thread really threw me for a min. I was thinking “did the spacer collapse or what” then I saw there was no spacer installed and was “ewwww, not good”.

You gotta have spacers and speed rings (what you called washers) on every wheel. With the spacer there’s nothing to apply counter pressure to keep the bearings upright. Without the speed rings the bearing will sit against the axle nit but, won’t turn correctly.

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