Seized bearings melting bearing hubs on wheels multiple times

I’m writing here because I am having a problem with my newly build electric skateboard. The problem is that the bearings keep melting the bearing hub of the wheel, this has happened two times and I am clueless about what is causing this. The wheels that I am using is the ones I got in the Turnigy skateboard conversion kit, I am thinking it might be the wheels that is just badly designed as some of the bearing hub is made of plastic but as I said I am not really sure what is causing the issue here. Also the second time it happened the bearings broke into five pieces. Also I do have washers and spacers in all wheels, so I don’t think that is what’s causing the issue. I could really use some help as this is really frustrating and I am clueless about what to do and what to buy.

Here are some images of the first time it happened: 20181017_162323 20181017_162331

And the second time: 20181018_115529 20181018_115533 20181018_115536

Looks like you don’t have a spacer in between the bearings my friend. If you don’t use a spacer then the bearings will tighten up on the cores and wreck them.

As I wrote in the post I do have spacers and washers in all wheels

Apologies for speed reading. Then I would say that the distance between the bearings seats on the cores is not standard and the spacers are not doing their job. Cheap wheels.

Probably. But how can Turnigy sell this as a set when it breaks doing what it’s is meant to do?

Do you use the axle nut to screw the bearings down into the wheels, or do you press them in by hand and then bolt everything together?

I used the axle nuts to press the bearings into the wheel.

do you have a ring washer between the wheel and truck and between the wheel and nut?

Yeah, they can be seen in the third picture with the spacer @mynamesmatt

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is there any oil or grease in there? maybe clean em out with wd40 and then fill them up with grease and try again?

No, they’re only about a week old, and it was the third time riding the board. So everything should work except it doesn’t.

If the bearings are really cheap, like I suspect, then they probably got tiny pits in the inner and outer rings from the ball bearings pressing into them.

And if that caused excess drag, then it could heat things up and make the bearing slip in the wheel, or possibly melt it just from the heat.

Make sure the belt is not over tight.

Ok, thank you. So you don’t think it’s just the wheels that are cheap because they are partially made of plastic? I just don’t understand why Turnigy would make a skateboard kit with bearings that break when you use them for the exact purpose they are made for (Or sold for).

I will try that, thank you.

I’ve definitely messed up my fair share of bearings from not pressing them in by hand. I doubt it’s the wheel, it shouldn’t melt that easy…

Are these your front or rear wheels that keep breaking?

Sorry I forgot to mention that. Both times it was the pulley wheel. @TowerCrisis

I’d also check if your belt is too tight… that could cause problems, although I’ve never seen it cause wheel failiure before

I also suspect that could be the issue, as I remember it being pretty tight.

Post a picture of the whole assembly when you put it back together. It might give us some clues. This is a WEIRD part failure that I don’t think any of us have seen before