Selkie: HAYA deck • Hummie hubs • 13S • Proton +++

NESE modded tray & that’s not the half of it. Actually that is the half of it or quarter in fact.

It’s a heretical print in ABS for which I no doubt will take a lot of flak given no enclosure and no ventilation, normal room temp 19c, I opened a window later and will stay out

Esun ABS+, not shitimage


Decided that 13s is what I wanna do so DIEBIEMS will be used elsewhere a tiny charge only bms on the way. Finished printing the cell holders but need some time to build post-Christmas

Oh and she got christened


You dented her?

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Build name in title chappie that’s all

Spent some time today cutting individual pos tabs and soldering a fuse to them, ran out of time so absconded to Dingle for some dinner and a couple of drinks image image


Kick to start anti-spark arrived, ordered a smaller 13s BMSimage

Oh and Gappy Nee Years to you all :four_leaf_clover:


Finished the cell trays apart from BMS wiring image


The excellent @Alphamail tunnel rider comes in handy but needs a rub on each side to allow phase wire clearance when using a HAYA platform image
Phases to be sheathed image


Looks tight. Are u welding the cells or going to use those printed compressors? Anyone ever use those ?

Thanks I cut up NESE compression tabs in order to run fuse wires to a copper bus which then folds over to join the NESE 4p poron tabs

Main thread here, @agniusm did some rock solid testing, they have a copper core and button shape

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the foam is poron?

I only managed to buy 3mm poron as dampening foam (in yellow)

How much risers do u need for clearance? Specially in the front truck…? Is this 14mm?

On the rear is a 1/2" tunnel riser made by Riptide, I picked up a couple in a GB. On the front Khiro Angled shockpad, 80A

Hummies/Centrax 83mm no wheelbite

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Yes @agniusm uses poron due to it’s long lasting rebound abilities, it’s about 2-3mm thick used on the negative tab end only

What about those purely printed green holders w a printed spring, anyone use those?

nice, yes poron rebound and dampening propperties are excellent. Viscous effects are quite cool :smile:

I ended giving up on those, the effort to cell-fuse them I failed with, it ended up being easier to use NESE tab I had left over, and just bridge together a really long tray


Fat shaming a BMS is not fair :disappointed_relieved: !

jk nice build in progress!


When she move down to the dance floor, all de other ‘MS’s move outta the way, but the girl can’t do the voltage so she hadda go, man she’s so so thicc


Atlas make these precision washers, the raw steel one boardside is a hat-shaped washer on a 93A riptide cannon which should remove a little slop. Going to move inwards a notch.image

hmmm Caliber Vs Paris?

Edit: You can’t see them, but these are in there Riptide Pivot Cups (set of 2) - Durometer : 96A, Type : Paris Street

Also present and unaccounted for is the Chinese Zealous knock-off bearings on AliExpress in the Centrax front thane