Sell a New Focbox!

Hello Guys!

I am selling my Focbox bought a month ago! I wanted to use it for my ebike, but unfortunately this project did not come to fruition! So it’s like new! I bought it for 141 €! Sales price is 125 €! If anyone is interested, then he can contact me;)

Where are you located? I may be interested. I live in Belgium. Do you include shipping?

Hello MDK! I am located in Austria! However I can also send it to Belgium, but you have to pay the shipping! Best regards Eskateguy

Sold? Any clue on shipping to Sweden (Stockholm)? :slight_smile:

No, It isn’t sold! Yes, I also can ship it to Sweden :wink:

Sorry, already bought one :confused:

Okay :wink: Best greetings

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