SELL | DIY longboard| alienpower/drive systems| 6s

Hi guys.

I want to make a new board so this board has to go…

This was my first board and is finally fine tuned to my personal likings.

It’s a 95cm Longboard 6s zippy 5000mah torqueboards transmitter alienpowersystems ESC 12s Alienpowersystems 3200W 63mm motor Aliendrivesystem mount 2 Ledstrips for the nightglow. Caliber 2 trucks Seismic speedvents zealous bearings

Optional, Can sell you the charger aswell for extra fee Have an arduino to control board with phone.

Board reaches 30 km/u with lots of torque range of ± 10km depends on your weight. Have not found a hill I couldn’t climb. board has maybe 100km and is in perfect condition( has 3 extra belts)

What would you give ? I’m from Belgium

Other pictures follow later

What price are you looking for?

don’t really know … I paid a lot of money for it because it was in the early days of Esk8 So i’m gonna loose out on a lot of money anyway.

What is the price you would pay for it ? I spend around 850 on this board. But the prices have gone done a lot

If you still have this board I’m interested. How much would shipping be to the USA? Then I can determine a fair price

I have no clue at all, I will check for you. When i get to the post office. What would your price be including shipping ?

Do you think 400 plus shipping is good. I’m not trying to be insulting I’m just new to this. Let me know.

Not insulting at all but that’s not enough. I’m looking to get more out of it and otherwise I keep it for friends to ride it with me :slight_smile:

Would 500 get it ?

minimum price would be 600 +shipping. Otherwise I will be keeping it

Let me know how much the shipping cost is

Give me your State and I’ll check !

Baltimore Maryland

So are you guys talking dollars, euros or pounds?

I was talking usa dollars

Is it expensive because of the deck? The parts by themselves look way under 600

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Well that’s the issue. I was pretty early with building this board and APS and ADS were en still are pretty expensive. So I’m losing already a lot of money on this. The board and setup were 300 euro

It is not about the pure cost of the parts. he assembled it and invested time into getting it to work properly. Parts for a macbook are also cheaper than the assembled macbook. This applies to basically every product from every company. Also in a free market he can choose to charge whatever he wants. It is up to you to accept the price or not.

bruh im simply saying that even if the parts cost a $100 dollars when he bought them but are only worth 50 now then its reasonable to sell them for maybe 60 at most. However if u have an iphone 5 and try selling it for the same price u bought it once it was released its almost like a scam if not a rip off. im just trying to help possible buyers realize that they are paying 600 for a 350-400 dollar setup.

And good luck selling ur board man im not holding any grudge or anything towards u. Im just trying to keep things real.