[Sell][EU-PL] 3dservisas, trampa, davega, DieBieMS, PUCK, BRUCE!

  1. 4,76" 3dservisas Hubs. Never ridden by me, looks great, you only need to replace bearings (new trampa red ones included!) M5 Bolts and FatBoy SS HD Straight Gear Drive V3 adapter. 280Euro plus shipping.
  2. Davega 1.3 silver painted black. 100euro
  3. Trampa Vesc 6 with 3dservisas VESC 6 Heatsink Plate 170 Euro
  4. PUCK, PUCK, BRUCE! REMOTE CONTROL with receiver. 120 Euro
  5. DieBieMS with cables. 100 Euro

Photos please not because you must but because I don’t know what that is.

First photo… it is an adapter to connect wheels to Fatboy gear drive.

Oh it’s the little plate connected to the hub.

Didn’t see it thanks,.