Sell Me Your NEW or USED Parts! (UPDATED)

I’m building a board for a friend who is completely new to esk8, and has put me in charge of sourcing and choosing parts. He wants a simple and durable beginner board, I’ve got some of my own parts from previous builds but need the following items:

  • VESC
  • 190kv - 245Kv motor
  • Motor mount (Purchased)
  • Compatible Trucks (Purchased)
  • 36T Flywheel clone pulley (purchased)
  • 14-16T motor pulley (Purchased)
  • 2.4ghz mini remote(Purchased)

I’ve checked online for the above items, just wanted to check on the forum to see if I could find a good deal here as my friend requested that the board be as cheap as possible. Also I’m located in Canada. Please PM me if you have any of these items available or know where I can get a good deal :grin: !

Where abouts Canada are you? I can help you with a couple of those parts.

edit in

I have a mini remote, enertion pulley kit (36t wheel pulley, 15 tooth motor pulley and belt) also have an enertion mount and three extra belts. Also one 230kv 6355 torqueboards motor…

i have hummie hubs 200kv (ready to go) and dual vescs

He’s in Maple, Ontario :wink: haha I only know cause I shipped to him before.

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Thanks Landon

lol thanks Landon and @i2oadsweepei2 i’ll pm you.

Also thanks for the offer @Pathaim, but i’m trying to keep the cost low and dual vescs will probably out of his budget.

the VESC is anything but simple. I have a used MEB ESC for sale that’s pre-programmed and ready to go for 8s if you want it. PM me

I’ve got a couple Torqueboards 190kV 6355s and a couple Maytech 230kV 6355s all of them unsensored. I also have a couple sets of Torqueboards mounts and 16/36 motor/wheel pulleys with belts along with 83mm yellow flywheels, 90mm blue flywheels and green, purple or black caliber trucks.

Most of it has relatively minimal use but some cosmetic damage. I’m located in Toronto, PM me if you want any of it.

i have a used(but not much) tacon 160 motor. 6364 245 kv.

I have a 6364 240kv KEDA Motor, 15 teeth motor puley with 3mm shaft, 6s 3500mAh battery, GT2E remote + reciever…PM if you are interested in anything :slight_smile: All of them are slightly used (I used them for about 50 kilometers)

I can make you the pulleys and belts PM me if interested.

Was able to get many of the parts listed in the original post. Just looking for a VESC (Maytech VESC are welcome too) and a Motor (new or barely used)

P.M me if you’ve got any of these.

Still looking for VESC and Motor