Sell some 97mm wheels drive kits without motor (for 6374,6355, 5065,5055...)

items included: (just like every thing on the picture) 97mm PU wheels X4 7"truck X2 motor mount X1 5M 35T wheel pulley X1 (enbedded with one of the wheel) 5M 15T 15mm width motor pulley X1 ( I have it with 10mm bore or 8mm bore, please leave note of which you need when making order, otherwise 10mm will be defaulted) 5M 275 15mm width belt X1

I have tested myself, with 6374motor, 15T motor pulley , 5m 275 15mm belt it works good.

off ebay price, 55 us , +31us shipping to USA (other area please ask me)

ebay price please check this link.