Sell Your Used Parts for FREE on the eSk8 Market | EBAY / CRAIGLSITS FOR ESK8 | Now Supporting PayPal

Do you have some used parts left over from another build, and want to get rid of them? Now you can! List them on the official eSk8 Market website for free! It only takes a few minutes and 4 easy steps!

  1. Go to and sign up as a seller, if you are in the EU go to

  2. Go to my dashboard, settings, payments. Click the ‘Link your Stripe account’ button, and fill in all of your information. If you don’t have a stripe account you can easily create one! (Stripe is an easy was to make secure transactions online, similar to PayPal).

  3. Now you need to set your shipping rates. Go to settings, shipping on your dashboard. Under the default shipping price input the price for domestic shipping. Fill in as much info as possible on this page. Now scroll down to ‘ship to’. Select what country you are from (Ex - United States), now put in the additional cost to the default shipping price you entered, if it is the same leave the price at $0.00. Now click the ‘add location’ button. I suggest using the ‘everywhere else’ option for international shipping. Now put the ADDITIONAL cost of shipping (Add this price to your default to = your international shipping rate). Shipping should now be all set.

  4. Now it time to list your product. Go to your dashboard, products. Click the ‘add new product’ button. Now list all of the required fields. Make sure to change the category to ‘Used Products’. Upload as many pictures as possible, an be sure to clearly state the condition of the product in the description. (If I find it is not clearly stated I will not allow the product to be published). Make sure to enable stock management and set the quantity you have, do not allow back orders unless you are able to fulfill them.

  5. Optional - You could create a forum post advertising your product, make sure to include a link!

You should now be all set. After the product is purchased you can manage it and add a tracking number under the ‘Orders’ menu.

Let me know if you have any questions! Live auctions like eBay are coming soon!



Sorry but you already have a thread for you advertisement. Why create a new one ?

Because this is for people who want to sell their used parts, and I thought it deserved a separate topic.

This is a community tool that I felt needed a separate place to explain and promote it

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Add paypal support and alot more would use it

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Yes I’m with you

PayPal support should be added within the coming weeks. PayPal’s verification process is very long and drawn out. @Blacksheep @Stevemk14ebr Thanks for your feedback! Just curious are you advising as a customer or seller?

I’m advising as a customer

Both, i at least have an interest in selling

i agree paypal would make it way better

I am working on it constantly… PayPal’s verification process has so many loop holes and extra little things that need to be done. I am hoping to have PayPal working by next Friday. I will be sure to let you guys know when I do.

Great news! PayPal is now supported on the website! @Blacksheep @Stevemk14ebr @willpark16


YAY! Time to use it xD

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@JLabs I’m in Aus can I still use this I will just have to pay extra shipping right? Also I can’t load te page is it down?

I think I remember reading something about this site being dead. I don’t think that jlabs will be hosting it anymore.

The hosting ran out and I didn’t renew it die to a lack of support. I will have a new website soon for you to purchase my parts directly.