Selling 2x 6374 190 KV Motors for $110 Each from Group Buy

So I needed new motors quickly and I already bought some 6374 motors because I couldn’t wait for the group buy. I ended up going with the new TB motors because they said they very recently upgraded them to prevent loose magnets. I hope they are right!

Anyway, I am all paid up for 3 of the 190KV motors in the group buy linked below but I now only need 1 of those motors so I am selling the other 2.

DM for more info. @barajabali will ship them to you and he is expected to receive the motors on May 30th. You can see all this info in the thread too.

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moved to New Item for Sale b/c this is not a groupbuy

Thanks. I wasn’t sure where to put this because I’m technically selling an item I don’t physically have yet and is still on order in a group buy.

Hey Im interested in those 2x 6374 motors. Can you DM me?

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actually I dont know how this site works but I dont know if you can DM since Im new

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