Selling: 35 degree risers to mount mountainboard trucks on longboard deck

made from 7075 T6 aluminum.minim height design made in order to use MBS and trampa trucks .

I’m not making any profit from this sell ,had to make 4 sets for my new board ( one set sold so 2 sets left )

I will design soon riser covers for each trucks and share the STL files here

set of two risers cost me 134 USD (67$ for one) can ship them day or to after payment in registered or express mail

UPDATE: Shipping to US / Australia / Germany 22-28 USD

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Love it, I have been looking for a set of these. Could you save me a pair for a week or so? If not can you have a set made when I need them? Not in a hurry.

Thanks I not planning to make more for now (as I wrote , had to order 8 as minimum order so selling w/o profit)

but I don’t care to save you one set for week :slight_smile:


Thanks, I’m only waiting on making up my mind with what drive system I’ll be using. If i decide on a kaly gear drive I’ll need the riser, otherwise i might go with psychotiller six shooters and trucks so i wouldnt need them.

How much for a pair of risers? And are you in the state?

Are these still available?

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I can make few more soon

shipping to US 26$ or 34$ for EMS

price of the items can change (currency value)

I’d take a pair if you end up making some more.

@Guy you might want to make a forum thread on the other forum, more of the esk8 DIY guys are on there. forum.

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Id love a pair :slight_smile: