Selling a complete build. Or for parts

Hey people. Im selling my brand new build (about a month old) as a complete or of anyone wants to buy parts then there welcome to.

  • 5055 320kv Turnigy Motor
  • 3s 5000mah 25c Turnigy lipos X2
  • Maytech Vesc
  • GT2B modified without a case but fully functional

Think it needs some new grip tape As i went to design a pattern on it and it has big black blobs on there now. Its all in fully working order with only about 30 miles on the clock. Only reason im selling is because i want to build another but seing as im young i dont have a massive income.

Im not sure on the pricing…if anyone wants to shoot an offer please go ahead! Also i will sell for parts if needed :slight_smile:

Where are you based?

FYI: none of the pictures work

Ill fix when i get home @anorak234

The UK @Bazingazunga

Where did you get that enclosure?/Where did you get the metal from anyway? Would like to do something similar

Pretty much any HVAC shop can make something like that for you. Ive had a couple made, its usually less than $20.00.

Not sure my dad just had a MASSIVE sheet of aluminium lying around

I can sell one to you (all made for £15) @Bazingazunga

Ah cool ill pm you soon when i have some measurements if thats alrighty? :slight_smile:

Yeah thats fine :slight_smile:

Have u sold the enclosure