Selling a diyeboard 10s5p battery;a dual esc; Dual motor power truck ; a loaded tan tien deck

Hey guys, I built this board a month ago electric skateboard after I finished building my first one. I instantly noticed that this is too much power for me. Thats why I’m selling it! All the parts apart from the deck are from diyeboard and the deck is a loaded tan tien flex 3 board. I’m selling all the parts separately, if you want to buy the complete it would cost 550€. there weren’t any problems with the board. Pm me if you’re interested ( I’m located in Vienna, Austria) I could ship it out to you just ask me how much it would cost…

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I dont want to be toxic, or anything like that, but this diyeboar kit has everything as you do and it is way cheaper :slight_smile:

It does not include Tan Tien though :confused:

That overpriced, let me know if you part out

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Ill take the deck

€700? your taking the piss! the kit new is $428.00…

Are you charging labor 300 $ ?

Actually 100$. But still overpriced though.

The only thing that gives the board some value is the deck. Rest is generic.

Just no am not here to bash but High powered electric skateboard that is not one my friend feels like a ad I was reading for a second, we know exactly what it is lol.


Ok, I actually needed to pay about 60 € for taxes. I know that it is a bit overpriced but I could go down with the price and sell the parts separately if someones interested.

Might be easier to part it out or sell local on Craigslist.

The kit is actually pretty new, I only rode it about 15 times

I can sell it separately if you want.

Sorry, I might stop watching Casey Neistat :slight_smile:

I can part it out if you want.

I was just making a suggestion is all. Most people are looking to build their own version of a electric skateboard. Quite a few other users have sold their premade boards for much less than what they put into it. That’s why I suggested selling the parts.

Thanks for the advice:)

I Put it now for 600€

Wait a second. First price was 700$ and now it is 600€ (740$)?

I think the original price was 700e

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