Selling a Enertion Raptor 2.1

Hello guys, I am thinking about selling my Enertion raptor 2.1. I used it about 4 times so it is as good as new. I live in Germany but I would consider shipping in EU. I just wanted to know if there is anyone interested, before I add pictures etc. I was thinking about 800€ but its Negotiable.

Edit: I did just find out about all the bad stuff that happened to Enertion. What is the main problem on the enertion raptor 2.1? The motors right? I really liked the company and I bought the original blue first wheels, trucks and Vesc 4.12 a long time ago when they were still selling the raptor1. Its really sad but I understand why they failed. Unfortunately I cant post pictures of my board at the moment because the board is at my home and I am currently at my parents house because of Corona.

What do you guys think I might still get for the components?

I am a electrical engineering student and I went to a machinists school before that for a while, so I might be able to fix the main problems of the raptor 2.1 and upload that as a series on youtube. is that a good Idea?



ftfy 10jasons

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Oooo boy…thats gonna be a rough sale. Better off parting it out instead. These have a bad rep and enertion no longer exists to help if issues occur


From what ive seen maybe 600-700 total. Can buy unities “new” for 200, motors for 200 brand new from here which also hurts its value. Battery is okay, but all else have very limited second hand part value.

I need a new motor and the price on that site is tempting. Has anyone tried ordering from there? Scared of getting scammed.

I ordered a few things. It took about 3-4 weeks to arrive.

Trouble you might have is there are many version of the 2.1

in terms of the name is the same, The manufacturer /process /parts used might not be.

Decks are a Key one to look out for

followed by motors (look up the raptor motor forum thread for more info there)

Not sure which Batch these unities are from.

I wish I could get a raptor, but I’m in NZ!

You don’t, really. It’s a dangerous board, created by some shady guy

Shit happens but that raptor is fuckin fun.

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