Selling a lot of new stuff!

Im moving and have to get rid of some of my DIY stuff so here goes my version of an online garage sale:

HyperIonSystems 10S3P battery [Brand New] IMG_20190702_202209 Asking for 290USD

BKB 6354 190Kv Motors with Steel pulleys[Brand New] IMG_20190804_175914 IMG_20190804_180034 IMG_20190804_180041 Asking for: 210 USD

Boardnamics Idler Motor mounts [Brand New] IMG_20190804_153710 Asking for 40 USD

ABEC11 Flywheels with pulleys (36T) [Lightly used] IMG_20190804_175535 IMG_20190804_175555 Asking for 106 USD

2x Flipsky 4.12 FSESC with Mini Remote [Brand New, only teste on bench] Screenshot_20190806_074108 Asking for 115 USD

Flat rate shipping: Europe: 40USD US: 46USD

Letter for mounts/Vesc: Europe: 25USD US:30 USD

feel free to send me a PM if you are interested, I am open to all sensible offers! :smile: