Selling battery packs || 45x liitokala 5Ah cells || Choose your cell combination

Hi guys,

I’m selling 45 new 26650 liitokala batteries: Capacity: 5000mAh Max continues current: 25A Diameter 27mm Length: 65mm Weight: 95g I have a spotwelder and parts laying here to make a complete 10S battery pack as you can see in the pictures. So if someone is intrested in buying a battery pack.

I’m not able to use them because they took a month to arrive and in the meantime I had already bought other sells which arrived faster to make my esk8 and use it the summer.


Some possibilities:

  • 10S2P with/without bypassed bms
  • 10S4P with/without bypassed bms
  • 12S2P without bms
  • 12S3P without bms …

A 10S2P 10Ah battery would be perfect if you want to build a board with the ownboard/wowgo kit and you wish you had more range than stock the batteries they are selling.

These are no fake cells, I tested them and they perform like they should. Lygte has a full review about a ton of cells! Here’s a comparison between 30Q - Sanyo - Littokala: 30q

Some other pics because people like pictures: IMG_20190129_134451 IMG_20190129_134514 IMG_20190129_134223 IMG_20190129_134106

For prices It depends on the cell configuration. (For example, I would ask 150€ for a 10S2P with bms)

This is my 4th esk8 which is using the ownboard esc and motors, love the board and it’s pretty affortable (500€) IMG_20180908_114935

Feel free to ask questions guys.


I would like to ask one question.

Where did you buy these batteries? xD.

From here:

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Thanks! 10char

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Still available?

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I have 21 cells left. So I can make a 10S2P with bms.

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Hmm 10s2p would not be enough for a mountainboard I guess :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for the reply!

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I have used these in my last 2 builds the only down side after 40 or so Cycles the range seams to diminish a lot more than say Samsungs, the current capacity is awesome and the 18mm to 26mm width is easily compensated for.

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Good to know! Maybe if you don’t pull max current out of the cells the lifespan will be better.

I’m using a ownboard hub esc which pulls max 20A so that’s only 10A max/cell (for a 10S2P).

How many amps do you pull max and which battery and esc setup do you have?

Pricey cells, at 88cents/wh

12S3P 15000Mah bestech charge only BMS powering 2 x 6.6 flipsky esc’s ( cells were bought during black friday sale 40 cells for $160) value for money is awesome and range is still awesome. Current limit I have set at 60amps. Sadly the seller no longer ships to Australia :frowning:

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Oh nice, that’s a pretty sweet pack! Maybe you can find other sellers who can ship to Australia?

Liitokala 21700 4Ah is also a very nice and cheap cell.