I would like one!

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Great, will get back to you when they arrive

So the receiver/Rx needs to be ordered separately? I would be interested in one remote.

Its remote + receiver :slight_smile:

I might be up for one as well.

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@Mark Hey man! Any update on the shipping?

Yes! The package has arrived at The Netherlands and its going thru customs right now. It will probably arrive tomorrow. Im not home this weekend so will update you guys on sunday/monday.


Got the remotes! Currently testing one and figuring out shipping. Final price will be €42,- + shipping. Shipping will be around €5. For those interested please PM. @Guacamoleface @usual @realtek @fraannk @ron @Aborn @sandrewvdv @Aegle

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hi Mark, i’m interested in get one, i’m too late? thanks by the way

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Check PM!

I’ve tested one remote for 20km’s. Acceleration curve is diffrent than the mini. Took me 5 minutes to get used to. Binding procedure was confusing but takes some reading. I can bind the remotes if you like.

Overall i prefer this remote way over the mini remote, its more compact, throttle range is very nice (gonna try it soon in Watt control), easy charging and 2 ride styles!!

For those interested, I could ship them out tomorrow.

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I’d take one, sent You PM :wink:

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In my opinion the low speed mode is not really usable for adults, because it’s only 10 - 50 - 70 (Brake - Neutral - Throttle. Normal mode is 0 - 50 - 100 on Vesc display. The beginner mode is too weak for adults at least with my board (2 x hubs, 10s) maybe it’s good for kids. Beside of this the benchwheel remote is great. I’m glad to have VESC Monitor for to adjust the VESC on the road.

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1 Remote left!

I dont want mine but it seems it will not be a problem to have it sold.

Any documented builds with these? Dont need one right now, but very interrested!

Interewted in one

And they are here within just a few days! Thanks @Mark for the smooth service and fast shipping of theese remotes !


This one was really fast, posted wednesday 17:00, arrived friday 13:00.

Hi, i’m interested in one. I’m too late?

Im not home for 10 days, will pick it back up after the 1st of may