Selling Bestech D140 BMS

Samsung 30Q cells are SOLD

Selling 24 brand new 30Q cells and a brand new BMS. Both of these were acquired from the recent group buys on here. NOT SPLITTING UP THESE CELLS.

I’m selling the 30Qs for $110 + shipping. This is pretty much what I got them for. SOLD

BMS is a Bestech D140 (10S 10A) meant for charging only. Selling it for 35$ + shipping. Again, what I got them for. Still Available

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Might help to specify the bms amps and voltage

Yeah what will park said

And what voltage/ s and p u can use

$100 shipped for the cells? To nyc

I’d have to charge for shipping the cells.

Beat me to it. $101 shipped? LOL

You paid too much :yum:

How 'bout I flat rate the price to 110$ (including shipping obviously)

Ok I’ll take it :yum:

PMed ya. All 24 cells going to this man. Any counter bids? :hugs:

Alrighty, the 30Qs are sold. The 10S D140 BMS is still available.