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Selling Brand New Turnigy sk3 245kv 6354 EU

Selling described motor, never used, just tested it and it is working like it should.

Price is 85e including shipping to EU. There is no stock of these motors in EU warehouse of Hobbyking so I think this is going fast!

Add for Extra:

  • pulleys with this motor 13,14,15T HTD 5m +6e per pulley
  • Belt HTD 5M 9mm 270mm 7e per belt

Item is located in Finland :slight_smile:

Link for pulley sales thread

You are selling a motor that cost 50 euros on HK at 85 because it is in backorder ?
Is that right ?

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Here is a link to same motor (1cm longer) Motor

So it is 67e not 50e. It does not include shipping. When I add shipping the price I get is 81e shipped.

You are right. I add few euros there but not 35e as you suggested

I have this motor in stock, hobbyking doesn’t :slight_smile:

You should change the title of your thread then … because it says 6354 :wink:

I said berofe the link that it is 1cm longer

So my motor is 6354 and linked motor is 6364

I don’t think you will sell it higher than retail, seeing as though it has been opened and has no warranty or return policy

Yes you are right about the warranty. I do accept returns

But mainly I offer this for people who needs motor quickly. Many stores are out of stock with their motors, like enertion and Hobbyking.

Sorry but I still don’t get it.

The motor you are selling is this one right ?
It is listed at 50 euros (wait 2mn on the page and you get a discount).

Yes that is the motor I am selling. Thank you for the link! That motor is also back ordered.

You have to pay taxes for that motor because it is coming outside EU. It is only listed at Hobbykings international warehouse which is located in China. So you are going to pay between 20-25% taxes plus 16e shipping.

So…Price is still around 80e.

If it helps I can sell the motor for 70 euros whitout shipping :slight_smile:

OK fair enough.
Thanks for the details, I understand your price better now … :slight_smile:

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motor still available?

Yes still available!

Where in Europe do you reside?

Located in Finland