Selling everything I've bought (unused). Looking for Australian buyers SOLD EVERYTHING EXCEPT FOR MasterCho ENCLOSURE

I’ve sort of lost interest (not really but I just have no time to build my dream board. I’ve spend a bit over $1000 AUD on parts, and I haven’t used any of the parts yet, as I haven’t even put together my build yet. I’m looking to get back most of what I’ve spent on parts.

I’ll list my prices, but they are negotiable.

35 Samsung INR25 18650 batteries (had to use 4 for something else) $230 AUD, will have to work out a way with shipping though, since I’m not sure if I’m allowed to ship them.

Enertion VESC PREMIUM with 8 months of PREMIUM left: $150 AUD plus shipping. SOLD

Enertion R-SPEC 6372: $190 plus shipping SOLD

Enertion Motor mount: $55 plus shipping SOLD

Enertion 14T HTD5 Pulley: $15 AUD plus shipping. SOLD

Orangatang Kegel Orange: $80 AUD plus shipping SOLD

Pulley system plus belt for Kegels: $15 plus shipping. SOLD

Bestech 10s 60a BMS: $45 AUD. SOLD

Enertion trucks spray painted black: $35 AUD plus shipping. Includes the risers and screws SOLD

I also have have a Mastercho enclosure, which there aren’t a lot of, check out my post here: for pictures. I am willing to part ways with this amazing enclosure for $120 AUD plus shipping, I don’t think you’ll find this anywhere else in the country (might be wrong though).


That’s all I can think of that I have right now, if I remember more later I will update. These prices are what I ideally want, and I’ve taken a fair chunk off the original price, bare in mind these have never been used. These are all in AUD as you may have seen, but I am willing to ship internationally with shipping at your expense.

Thanks. Will add pictures later.

Yo, will buy VESC. PM’ed

Really sucks you can’t finish your first board man. Hopefully you can come back in the future.

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Yeah definitely, just got too much for me, especially with exams on coming in the next year. I’ll come back later on for sure :slight_smile: But for now I’m looking for more of a consumer board such as a Boosted :slight_smile: Something I can just use, plug and play.

The VESC has sold, again I can ship internationally, but at your expense.


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PM’d back.

I added enertion trucks to the list, which are spray painted black.

@Airmacx PMd

you have the time, what you do not have is the drive to do it. not that it is my business it just sucks to see people giving up for one reason or another and not just with this but many things in life. been working on my build for a year , yea a year actually just over , as much as I needed my money back, sometimes working 20 hours a day on 4 hours sleep I still have spent time building. hour here,hour there, 10 minutes here or there. my friend, pull the post, reach down grab your grapes and build . do some living instead of exsisting lol you wont regret cruising along on a nice day .cheers

Lol, I have HSC on and all that, and I need money for school stuff, and just life, computer upgrades etc. I’m definitely gonna come back soon when I’m all finished with school, and hopefully the technology will be far ahead from where it is now. Thanks for your concern though!

Bump. I’ve sold everything except the enclosure, still up for grabs.

You still got that enclosure? What are the inner dimensions? Would you go to a lower price?