Selling evolve 107mm + 40t 12mm pulleys + luna switch + steez remote + dual janux mounts + Evo Deck it


First items to sell are my f1 evolve 107mm wheels, I’d like to sell as a package, 110 for the package shipped.

20190824_232127 20190824_232130 20190824_232139 20190824_232141

Second item is a Luna antispark switch minus the button. It’s soldered to accept 2 vesc power wires, I used it until I ‘went loopkey’ - 15 + shipping 20190824_232030

Next item is a wheel pulley, I got it from Kaly NYC a long time ago. It’s 62T 15mm - 15 + shipping 20190824_232039

Next is a steez remote form longhairedboy, there is an issue with the connection of the serve wires to the connector that plugs into the VESC. Cutting the connector and directly soldering, or simply cutting the wires, crimping them and redoing the connection. I just want to be super transparent as it was stuttering on my last board a little. 20190824_232101

Last thing is this janux dual mount I can’t be bothered to remove from the hanger. Take it off my hands for 30usd + shipping

SOLD I also have an Evo 39 inch for sale, not pictured bc it’s at my home ( downstate). I would let it go for 75use + shipping

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Trying to coup excess resources so my vanguard build won’t hurt my wallet as bad :slight_smile:


Hi are the wheels still for sale

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