Selling Evolve Bamboo Gtx

Hey Guys. So I’m super close to finishing the BMB prototype and looking to off the Evolve. Anyone looking for BMs ESC that 11 pin connector!! I have 1 lol. Deck wheels enclosure all of it. I’ll off it cheap too. Here’s a funny pic of how rinky dink the GTX looks next to a BMB

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If you’re in the state’s I might take the BMS, does it need to be used with the Evolve ESC or can it be standalone?

I would assume it can be used with others. I’ll check with My microprocessor developer to be 100% . I’m in Boulder CO :hugs:

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Good stuff. Yeah there’s the answer. Haha. I have it if anyone wants it. I can email LHB. Doesn’t matter to me. Sell it or trash it. I will hold onto the 11 pin connector thought. That’s a pain in the butt to find. I bought a 160A 12s BMS for $54 on eBay. Kinda big but a monster!:grin:.

Not too interested in the BMS + ESC if you want to sell those separately, but what would you want for the whole/rest of the kit, picked up?

Mmmm. Picked up we could work I’m using the funds towards tying up this Prototype BMB board. Mounts and such. Email me at site email. Contact information is there as well as phone at bottom of homepage.

Don’t trash the bms, someone will pay $50-$100 for it.

Post it on forum. and someone will swoop it fast im sure.

I’m interested in the deck. How much are you asking for it? Eventually the enclosure too. I’m in Philly

Evolve Deck $100, enclosure $25 stand alone. You can go to my website to pay and get shipping. It’s new so I have to set up like a tab for side orders or something. PayPal and square is all good to go and you get tracking and all. Contact info on site. :+1: