[Selling] FatBoy Dual Inner Gear Drive Train 1:5 reduction

FatBoy Dual Inner Gear Drive Train for Trampa MTB. Gears milled in-house using inner-gear style gearing with much higher tooth size for hardcore power delivery. The unified hub and gear part makes a whole construction much stiffer than it’s predecessor. This kit does not require any alteration to the Trampa Vertigo hanger (Other hangers were not tested).

Whole kit weights 1200g

Kit Contains:

  • 2 x Motor spur gear (for 10mm/8mm shaft)
  • 2 x Wheel Hubs with gears (for Trampa SuperStar hubs)
  • 2 x Motor Mount plates (63mm or smaller motors only)
  • 2 x Hanger mount plates (for Trampa Vertigo Hanger)
  • 2 x Baseplates
  • Screw kit

Price (only until April 4th) 340€ + Shipping



Man I dropped my Easter cash already see you in the summer sales :point_up:


Is the gear ratio adjustable?

At the moment not much, but it’s possible to change motor gear.

The sale is still on going :wink:

Today is the last day to buy FatBoy Dual Inner Gear Drive Train with discount :wink: Hurry up


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Manual was added for the drive train:

The price was updated:

260€ (if VAT applicable 314.60€) + Shipping


The last gear boxes available right now. I think we are not going to make them anymore so grab it while you can and build your monster board right now :stuck_out_tongue: @darkkevind @JonathanLau1983 can tell you what kind of monster it its with big motors :stuck_out_tongue:

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Beast mode activate!

Sounds awesome too

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I snapped, last friday I ordered my frist mountainboard from Trampaboards (@trampa I think) and just now I ordered your FatBoy Dual Direct Drive train. Too bad you don’t have any dual focbox enclosure :frowning:

Yes he does.

I meant they’re out of stock :slight_smile:

Oh, lol I’m sorry… Maybe you can get @Lukepl to make one for you? He makes enclosures for the ESCape.

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Winner winner chicken dinner! I’m in for a set.

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How is free wheel coasting? The only video I could find seems to be always engaged

why? Hard to buy something that is not going to be supported.

The demand is not such big for it so we decided to not make it anymore, other versions are much more popular. I don’t say we will not make parts for it if needed just won’t make a kits :wink:

@3DServisas Let me get this right; will this 5:1 drive fit the FatBoy wheels as well as Superstar? image

If so will buy some FatBoys when you do your next production run(?), I’m about to give up on using these 9" wheels. If not then I’ll get some Superstars

I’ll use the 9" with pulleys on another build where tolerances are not so important

Yes they fit our wheel hubs :slight_smile:

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