[Selling] FatBoy SS Mini Gear Drive for TorqueBoards 218mm / FatBoy 230/240 Trucks

FatBoy Mini Drive Train 1:3 for TorqueBoards 218mm Trucks. This version is all milled gears in-house using outer-gear style gearing with much higher tooth size for hardcore power delivery. This kit does not require any alteration to the hanger.

Whole kit weights 1900g.

Kit Contains:

  • 2 x Motor spur gear (for 10mm/8mm shaft)
  • 2 x Wheel Hubs with gear
  • 2 x Hanger mount adapters (for TB218 hanger)
  • 2 x Baseplates with the motor mount holes
  • 2 x Gearbox covers
  • 4 x FatBoy Solid Core Hub with custom ET made for this kit
  • Screw kit

Truck, motor and tires don’t include in the kit!

Price: €500 + Shipping (Only on Easter Sale)



These are awesome. Are u doing anything similiar for 70-90mm wheels?

At the moment no, but maybe in the future

I may have to pick up one of the 8mm versions. Which KV rating do you recommend?

Depends what you want and wheels you going to use:

6.5" from trampa:

12S 170kv would give 70kmh / 45mph (which is kinda too much for me personally) 10S 170kv would give 58kmh / 36mph (this is more than enough for me personally)

12S 130kv would give 53kmh / 33mph (this is my planned set up for Urban Carver) 10S 130kv would give 44kmh / 27mph (this is a bit too slow)

125mm gummies from trampa:

12S 170kv would give 53kmh / 33mph (which is kinda too much for me personally) 10S 170kv would give 44kmh / 27mph (this is more than enough for me personally)

12S 130kv would give 40kmh / 25mph (this is my planned set up for Urban Carver) 10S 130kv would give 34kmh / 21mph (this is a bit too slow)

I would go 130kv @ 12S and 170kv @ 10s


8mm version is available to buy

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The first batch of drivetrains is gone :stuck_out_tongue: Next one should be available in 1-2 weeks.

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@Kug3lis do it for 107’s :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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What gear ratio?

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Somewhere in the 2.4-2.6:1 range is perfect for 107s…

I’d swap out my drive train on my Evo in a heartbeat for a gearbox over belts…

Technically it would fit in size the same 1:3 as the gearbox is smaller than Trampa Wheel Hub which is 107mm size so just only wheel mounting is a problem.

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Maybe a bolt on flywheel adapter?

You let me know what you think would work. I’ve got funds the moment you say you have it.


I just had a talk with my father regarding making this drivetrain for 107mm flywheels. It’s possible just the wheel gear would be made from aluminum together with those mounting ears, and only motor gear would be 8mm as the whole drivetrain would be even smaller.

To make this idea real I would need someone to provide those flywheels they can be used as long as mounting and center is in good condition.

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I think 2.8:1 to 3:1 is perfect for 107mm wheels. The above ratios is never enough torque and too much top-end


Bah sold out :rage:

Not sure I follow why only 8mm (would have thought there was clearance to spare for the spur gears), but if you could do one for 10mm motorshaft and 107mm wheels, let me know :slight_smile: .

Any chance to buy this offer and wait for next production run? I have a set of 218 extended calibers.

Just edit the cart to allow for payment with ‘I can wait option’

Edit: Looks like I will be waiting at least a month or two according to my bank statement this month, see you in the summer sales :laughing:

Ps. Don’t forget MBS should get some love


Okay as a lot of people requested. I adding an option to buy now with discount until Tuesday for everyone who wants to get this kit cheaper. Just you will need to wait for 2/3 weeks to be delivered.

Price until Tuesday €500 + shipping (around €15)



Sorry, I’m trying to catch up. What’s ET? Wondering if the wheel hubs are re-usable in the future for other setups.

ET is from Wheel rims term which means offset.

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