[SELLING] Flipsky VX2 for v6 VESC

Hey guys,

Bought the VX2 for $99USD 2 months ago, but prefer to use the VX1.

Next to no use, comes in original box.

Item located in Sydney, Australia, will ship if buyer pays for shipping.

Throw in your best offer!


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What did u find better in the vx1 over the vx2? Cuz I already have the vx1 and I was thinking of buying a vx2

Im interested, How much you selling for? and will you sell with receiver?

I find the VX1 fits in my hand better, and that I don’t really look down when I ride therefore I don’t see the point in the VX2.

But I guess everyone has different preferences

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Yeah I have the box with everything, and happy to let it go for $80USD if you pay for shipping.

Let me know what you think.

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Don’t you have to choose v4 or v6 for the vx2? Which hardware version does it suit?

Does this one have the huge deadband? @anon26002665 There is a VX2 pro colour model after this one which works with all (inc unity) just needs to use a different provided connector to accommodate the different pinout. It also has switchable MPH?KMH

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I think this one is just called the Vx2, the vx2pro is the one with the colour screen.

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This one suits the v6.

Best include that in the first post mate, would hate to see somebody buy this if they have v4 hardware

Should just be a simple swap of the rx/tx pins on the receiver plug? The pro version however does work with the unity where this one doesn’t I believe?

I’ve got no idea, I just remember reading that there were different versions for different hardware versions :man_shrugging:

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How do I know if my focbox unity is v6 or v4

Oh shit glad I read that

Yea I have to pass if it doesn’t work with my only board, sorry man

This isn’t a pro? can you change the title? The pro is $80 new and the non pro is 55