Selling Hummie V4 hubs

Hubs for sale. Everything replaced and new. Looking for $450 obo


Where the pictures at tho

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Damm I wanna get these and do 4wd…but I only have a 12s3p battery :frowning: someone else can use these more than I can. Who ever gets these will love them


Very interested. Pics?


Shit… i definitely wanted a pair but just drop some cash of another FF helmet.

Damn my shit timing


Not at home rn. I will post pics tonight. They have Japanese bearing but one of the big bearing has a flat spot on a bearing ball so it occasionally makes ticking noise that annoys me. That why I’m getting that bearing swapped out.

oh forgot to mention that they are from the 10mm magnet batch. basically almost all of them are 10mm magnets besides from the first 10ish that came out.

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@DerelictRobot @M77 @Blacksheep

I’m not in a rush for money so I will leave this as an auction. I will close this out at Sunday 11:59pm.

Current highest bid is $455 by @Blacksheep

Let me summarize it again: Hummie V4 hubs

  • 73kv
  • Japanese bearing
    • One or both big bearing will be swapped out… a ball has a flat spot that makes ticking noise
    • -$20 if you are ok with not swapping them. They are fine just makes some noise occasionally
  • New PU sleeves
  • New centrax
  • New Paris trucks for the front

Count me out, I’m likewise in no rush so paying more than retail on used parts isn’t my preference. Good luck on the auction.


Auction!! Wtf :crazy_face::crazy_face::joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Lol how much do they really go for

Just as much as someone is willing to pay for them I guess

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:thinking::thinking: well in that’s case I’ll Offer up $2


By all means. It’s a fleabay auction after all!! Lmao :rofl:

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Hummie auction :weary::weary: never new hummie cost so much

It’s just a shady way to take advantage of people is what I see. Damn

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Bring a FocBox unity, a haya deck and hummie hubs together in EU and take 185729575727€ :joy:

retail new on hummie is 600$

Bruh idk why you are making it such a big deal. It’s literally the same as phasing $450 obo. I’m just waiting til the end of the week. I know someone paid $600 for a new set so $450 used is nothing. Plus I’m adding everything new to the deal. So I don’t think I’m asking for too much. Money will eventually go back to Hummie. I’m just trying to not make he lose too much because he’s doing me a favor to save me material for a custom kv set instead of selling it. Fyi There’s only material for 3 more sets.

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I hear ya brother n I’m not judging you. Only thing I kinda disagree with is the whole auction thing. Make it easy for you and the buyer and just set up a price and get it over with! If not me I’m pretty sure someone else will say something about your selling practices :man_shrugging:t2: Good luck with the auction ma man👍🏼