SELLING! Maytech 6374, VESC, Hub motor, 10s LIPO battery

Everything I am selling has been used for less than a year, and is fully working.

Prices do NOT include shipping from BOSTON MA, USA


  • Maytech VESC ($85)
  • Maytech Sealed 6374 (170 Kv) ($85)
  • 2.4 ghz mini remote and receiver ($25)
  • 15mm wide 5m Belt ($1)
  • 36T wheel pulley, 11T motor pulley ($5)
  • 90mm abec clones ($10)
  • (x2) 5s 6,000 mAh lipo battery, 50C ($100)

DUAL 90mm HUB BUILD ($210 for everything)

  • Gold Coast cruiser deck ($40) STILL AVAILABLE

  • (x2) 90mm hubs (same as meepo) ($50) SOLD

  • Dual ESC and paired remote (3 speed modes) ($50) SOLD

  • 10s2p 18650 battery pack ($85) SOLD

  • Aluminum enclosure GONE


  • (x2) 90mm hub motors ($35)
  • Metal ESC enclosure (and mounting hardware) ($15)
  • Metal 10s2p Battery enclosure (and mounting hardware) ($15)


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No price? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: It’s a rule that you post the $ :kissing_heart: ?

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Make an offer for what you’re interested int! (i’ve edited the post now) I’m looking to get rid of everything, and am hoping people will make reasonable offers. Unreasonable Lowballing will be ignored.

In case you end up parting the builds on parts, I am interested in the remote with reciever and motor mount from the single 6374 build :wink:

I am selling the parts! I am not sure that you would want the motor mount- I can give it to you but i have not been able to get it to stay put for more than a month at a time before I have to re-adjust it. the remote and receiver I will sell for 25 USD + Shipping from BOSTON MA, USA. Pm me for more details

Fuck :confused: I am from the Czech Republic, Europe :frowning:

I am ok with shipping it, but it would be expensive as you know. I forgot to mention location in my post, sorry.

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Interested in the 6374 motor, can you take closer pics?

I can post more pictures if you would like. It works perfectly, just has some scratches on the Can. I will include the mounting hardware with it as well. Here is a link to it on Alibaba. Pictures may come late as I will be away for most of the day.

More Photos of the motor:

ill take the remote and maybe even the vesc… Im in CT just below you. PM me thx

I’ll take the trucks with mount, the wheels and the gears and the belt. Just pm me. Located in Aiken S.C. 29801

@accrobrandon I have actually decided to no longer sell that board as I am still using it. It’s also my first build and I’ve found that i’m more attached to it than I thought… sorry. I will still be selling the extra set of hub motors though.

first girlfriends are always hard to let go =) …but you should move on so i can get some nice discounted parts for my FIRST build =P #circleoflife

What about just the gear and belt

I actually have an extra set- Brand new- one drive gear, one wheel pulley with bolts and a 265 5m belt. they’re the same ones used in this build, only new. you can have it for 20 USD

Ok pm me paypal info.

Is the puelly still for sale

nope, sorry, I shipped it out on friday!

Mannn that motor served three tours in Irak!