Selling Meepo board - the smaller one - Europe only

Hi there

I’m selling my Meepo board, only used for around 15km to do coffee runs in the morning, the thing is I finished my own build and I don’t need this board anymore.

It’s in very good state, as you can see in the photos, I’m selling it for €130 + shipping

Let me know if you’re interested. Sending to Europe only

Pics -


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which batteries is it? looks like older model of campus?

It is the older model of campus yes, but the parts are practically similar, the board looks slightly different

Older model what is the Range top speed etc? Any diffrent?

Never actually measured range or any stat really

On the website when I bought it it said it has a 9km range, goes 22kph

I think the only thing different is the actual board, not the components

Still for sale guys

I’m somewhat interested, been planning a build for my 7year old nephew I doubt I could build something similar for that price, what would the postage to to UK?


I’ve checked now and postage to UK is £18

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wow thats decent, yes I’ll take it if the little one doesn’t use it will literally become a campus deck, I’m based at a uni campus, it would live at work :slight_smile:

Good to hear that

PM me so we can discuss details @sk8l8r