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Selling modified Enertion rapotor 2.1

Hello fellow eskaters, I already had an add for my enertion reaptor 2.1 out there a few weeks ago. I than found out about all the stuff that happened to the Enertion brand.

I than tested the board more in depth, found out that the bms wasnt working properly, so I replaced it with a bestech high quality bms. Unfortinuitly they send me a broken bms, and it destroyed one of the 4p packs out of the 10. So I thought lets just scrap the bms and fit a 12s battery in the space of the bms. balancing now works with balance ports and a imax b6.

I than thought I would keep the board for myself because it was a dream to ride and way better than I expected from all that I heard. But life changes and now I am moving out of the country and will sell it so I can buy a bike for the few times I visit my parents back in germany.

The board goes about 55kph but I am pretty sure it should go a bit faster because there might still be a erpm limit from the original 10s battery. With the added 88wh due to the 12s battery instead of 10s it also has an actual range of 40km (maybe a bit more) and not what enertion was advertising. The Motors that fail a lot, actually work quite well on mine (maybe I got lucky) I have not found a problem with mine. Also the focbox unity and its bluetooth module work wonderful. In total mine now seems to be quite reliable.

In the package will be included: The board itself (in original box) The travel case for remote and charger The orginal Skate tool One extra set of Outwheels One extra set of front Wheels One Imax b6 with integrated psu (the good one) The Remote with charging cable And the Original Charger ( only works for the 10s battery though )

If you live near Ingolstadt or Augsburg in Germany you can try it and take a look for yourself. I can ship it in the EU if you want.

For the Price I thought about 700Euro, because I spend so much extra money for the 12s battery and the charger etc.

this doesn’t look okay

Oh yes let me tell you about this, I accidently scratched the plastic on those cells. The +pole is protected though. I also tested those cells for capacity and internal resistance at my University so they work perfectly fine. If someone actually wants to buy the board I can put new heatshrink on it if the buyer wants it.