Selling Mounts?

Hey guys I got a electric longboard setup with a sk35055(im very light). I had a motormount produced by my self but it crashed. Is anybody selling 50mm caliber motor mounts?

PS:I am from germany so i woud hate to pay taxes XD

Where are you shipping from?

USA. Shipping to you would be about $25

If you send it to me would you say on the package that its only shipping cost?

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because taxes

It is what is is man. I have them if you want them. Pony up. if you’re in Germany.

germany?, I’m not sure if they have a 50mm, but the service from those guys is great

they only have 63mm spares

last time i checked

Strange, I see that the 50mm single mount kit is still available and for sale

jeah but i dont want the kit only the mount

send them or @elkick an email - he might be able to help you out.

Yeah I think first source would be @elkick but if he is sold out you can try APS ( before the Brexit happens and you have to pay VAT-taxes :wink: )


Short update!! I bought the mounts from @elkick

But if you are looking for a great new mount in Europe @fottaz can hook you up too check out his website