Selling my DIY board

Torque Boards Dual Motor Mechanical Kit 93 Torgue Boards 190KV 6355 Motors x2 Maytech VESC x2 Zippy Compact 5000mah 3S 25C Batteries x4

Board works great.

Asking $700. Make me an offer.

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It may be a good idea to post pictures - also you’re going to sell a lot faster if you part it out

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I’d be interested in your mech kit (minus the wheels and trucks) and the motors…if you part out :slight_smile:

Depending where you’re from and if you’d consider parting out, I’d be interested in a VESC or two?

I will do $450 for the mech kit and motors.

I am in the DC MD VA area. $180 for the two VESCs.


If your selling the complete board… what RC or control setup is this using?, what charger?.. BMS on the 6S2P? or 12S1P Zippy Lipos?

I would be interested in the whole setup without the Zippy Compacts or the Deck, much easier to ship that way too… PM me with a price if interested :slight_smile:

Regards, Mike

PS: Shipping would be to 19086 USA

Do u still have motors trucks and wheels?

Is this still available?