Selling my evo falcon compete build

Hello guys, I’m selling my Evo build low miles for 1,600$ Plus shipping and PayPal fees or pick up in SF,CA…will ship in US only

Specs: Falcon 40” deck 12s5p Samsung 30q Eboards Peru pack Eboard Peru enclosure Brand new unity Hoyt remote Janex Marc’s motor mounts Maytech 6880s motors 110 wheels Surfrodz trucks 2amp charger


Very nice build

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Got any photos inside the box?

Great Build.

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Unfortunately no but I will open it up for someone who’s buying it

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sexy build!

Whats the range and topp speed on the board?

Judging from the gear, I would say range is around 25-30 miles at hard riding and speed probably pushing 40mph. But maybe the actually owner could tell you lol

Depending on how you ride it where you ride and how you weigh you can get anywhere between 15 to 25 miles. Top speed is about 35+ but if you wanna go faster you can get a bigger motor pulley would you bring it up to 40+

Sale pending

I would like to purchase this email me at [email protected]