Selling my full board or separate parts! Lots of parts available

Hi, I built my first ever e-board, which has high speed. It goes 50+km/h and has a range of 21+ km. I want to sell it because it’s too much for me and I wanna build a gaming PC now.

Here’s the build:

190kv 6374 motor x1 VESC from diyelectricstateboards 12s2p battery - plug n play enclosure big enough for battery and vesc 90mm black wheels and trucks from diyelectricstateboards Deck is constructed all by myself. its about 98cm long and 25cm wide. battery charger included nano remote brand new with receiver and micro usb charger as well

I never even went to ride the board. Built it for a school project and showed it in an exhibition, that’s it.

If you want, I can sell the whole build to you, or separate parts only.

Some pictures of the build below :slight_smile:

I can sell for $700 (all the parts and the deck).

Its getting old when new people come from watching a YouTube video on how to make a electric skateboard without doing there hw and reading and come in here like a car salesman thinking he can talk jiberish and fool us for our money Anyways you must post price if your selling something its the rules 54154b9ed10f0924e064db506e9f8264edfcaa9f_1_690x330


I’m sorry man, I will post the prices. Also, the board IS powerful and the total cost of everything together was $865, not including the money spent on building the deck. It was expensive for me. :frowning:

But if someone wants to buy the whole build, I will sell it for $900. I’m not making any profit, simply getting the money back.

If someone wants the parts only, I can do $800. I’ll also send the deck since it will be of no use.

If you want to talk about price, you can message me.

I will give you $200 for it, that’s my highest offer, with no more than $50 for shipping (your profile does not list your location)

To clarify, in this case not being used is a “con” and not a “pro” because it’s completely unknown if there are any problems. There are always problems. I can see the belt is not aligned, the screws holding up the enclosure look weak and it’s unknown if heavy vibrations will cause an immediate failure. Half or more of the “DIY” part of building it is not done yet. Plus it doesn’t use a nice remote like the Mini Remote, it has a low quality ESC and it’s only 2P and to top it off, it’s 12S instead of 10S. So lots of issues here. Nobody knows if the motor mount will come loose on the first ride. It looks like it’s not even close to waterproof or water resistant.

The most your going to get for that is 500$ or less most diy boards price drops like a car the second it leaves the lot most of them drop price significantly, TB trucks 70$ Wheels 50$ Deck - 60$ Vesc 110$ Motor 120$ Battery 330$ Motor pulley gear 100$ Adds up to 840 brand new but its used so your not going to get much for it sadly. Parting it out probably could cut your losses less, also one thing that I would like to point out plug and play parts and charging for “labor” is pretty pointless its diy board.

I understand that u might think were hating on u or picking on u , and were not you just chose to not do your hw and read and this is what kinda happens

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Man I cant do $200, its way too low for the build. The battery itself cost $330…

I can do $700 though. I changed price but I didnt even ride the board. Just tested it.

I live in China and for shipping, its probably less than $50, so don’t worry about that.

Well then is must be powerful… lol

Power is measured in watts. What watts did you actually measure from this board?

In my book, theres 6 categories:

1 - 500w and less - Weak 2 - 500-1000w - Medium Weak 3 - 1000-2000w - Medium 4 - 2000-4000w - Medium Powerful 5 - 4000-6000w - Powerful 6 - 6000w and more - Ultra powerful

You fall in category 2 or 3. since at 40 amps (most a 12s2p can safely discharge) and 50.4 full charge, the best you could ever pull is 2000w. And I doubt your pulling that.

Kudos for actually using a VESC, but these parts aren’t known as “Luxury” parts in the DIY community. His parts are meant to be economical, at the cost that it will fail completely for some (because they push the parts too hard) or in maybe have some weird quirks to them, He’s not over engineering anything for complete abuse so far, though I hear he might have something new soon that is a higher standard of engineering.


Yea you forgot the pulley and controller stuff.

Okay, I can do $700 for it. I didnt use it, only tested it, that’s it. It’s practically new.

Max amps he’s pulling is 15 they don’t use 25r or 30q He’s like 1-2

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By powerful, I meant the range and speed. Im sorry Im very new to this community. Apologies.

But isn’t $700 good for this build?

Who sells a li-ion pack with out the 25r or 30r or HE2? That sounds retarded.

I made it into 6! 2200 x 4 motors total 8800w

Ok sorry my bad. I was considering the board’s speed and range.

And many of us do… I hope to have the first 6000+ continuous watt pre-made board on the market in then near future. When people say super power and stuff, it misleads the public who don’t know an y better…

I feel u , TB was using some weird cells they had decent mah but like only 6 amps draw and i just looked it up seems like there now just using 30q

Then say your board is long range and high speed. Power is power, which is measured in watts. Sorry, not trying to be rude, but these forums are frequently read by many who don’t know better and it confuses new builders when people use the wrong terms to describe their boards.


Yes, I changed it. I was genuinely not trying to mislead anyone.


I feel like now you’re just bashing on me because I’m trying to sell it.

If you don’t like the board, or don’t have interest in buying it, let others see it. I never asked about your board anyways.

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My apologies I get ahead of myself when I start speaking of components and stats