Selling my full board or separate parts! Lots of parts available

Yes I still have it. I can drop $650 for it (without shipping charges).

@TurtleMan, You should just keep it. You went through the hassle of learning about how to build it and bought all the parts…it’s not a bad looking build at all. Some of the comments in here are just plain disrespectful. Can a more expensive board be built? Yes, absolutely. Is you’re worth the 200 dollar offer from a previous comment? Yes, it is. + more. Problem is this forum is .builders…not .buyers. You’re not wrong in assuming it’s worth more but truth is when you’re selling something, it’s only worth what someone is willing to pay…if you can’t find a reasonable offer then keep it and use it. Your savings on gas will eventually give you the extra you need for the gaming computer. BTW, you probably already have a computer, have you thought about DIY upgrades to it?


If you’ve upgraded the motors, are the old ones for sale?

this guy is probs not active anymore. he probs sold it or something like that.

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Look at their profile before you revive a old thread. Screenshot_20190115-031026_Chrome