Selling my hill climber build, $1500 in sacramento


Parts list: Hummie deck (1.0) from Hummie Torque Boards 218mm truck hangers from Dexter Caliber baseplates, 44/50 split, Riptide pivots Dual idler motor mounts CNC’d by marcmt88 Box of pullies for gear ratio options made by Kug3lis 350mm long, 15mm wide belts from bbman All Ceramic wheel and idler bearings from Muirskate Riptide fat cones BS, barrel RS from Brad (tunning still) Two Totally Bitchin’ 190kv 6355 3100w motors from LongHairBoy Enertion Unity ESC from Jason and team custom 43v 645Wh 12S5P Samsung 30q from LongHairBoy Psychotiller Arc V2 enclosure by Dave Mad Monkey GT2B remote case mod enclosure by FLATLINEcustoms Gangster grip on top, Plastadip coated bottom



looks pristine. hows your health? didn’t you go to the hospital? glad youre living!

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it’s all brand new. I was in the hospital for months, in an old folks home for two months and I’ve been home now for a month or so. It’s been a crazy roller coaster ride and my family controls all my money, so if I want to buy anything I have to sell stuff. Probably worth more, but people won’t realise it, their so dumb lol


Welcome back hope all is well with your health

Good luck selling the board

That’s a niiiiice build. 2 months ago, I’d have snapped it up.

Seriously, anyone new to esk8 who wants a great setup without alllllllll of the headaches, you should buy this board.

Now on Ebay for 1499.

How has this not sold?

Good question, I think people don’t realize what it’s worth…

PMed you :slight_smile: