Selling my new 6372 190kv Enertion r-spec motor

I am selling a brand new 6372 190kv enertion motor. I bought it in December with big plans but now those plans aren’t going to happen. I am asking $125 obo. Free shipping in the US.

I’ll take it

Ok my PayPal email is [email protected]. Text me when you send the payment and I should have time to ship it out yet today.

That was quick!

omg . so sad . only if you were in singapore . I’ll pass . thank you .

Motor is sold!

lol Just at the right place at the right time. It seemed like a good deal, so I jumped on it. It’s like $190 to get it shipped from Australia, so $125 shipped is a steal.

Yesterday I bought two brand new ones for 316 bucks from enertion. I need two of these monster motors for my mountain board

Yeah because you got free shipping due the total being over $300 aud or about $217. My intent is for a mono drive. I can only imagine how insanely epic two of these will be in a dual drive.

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Oh yea I know that thank god he has free shipping for that. I only hear good reviews from these motors I’m excited

Just had a thought. You could’ve saved 10% by using the promo code ‘pushingsucks’ which would’ve been like $30.

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Hahaha thanks it’s okay I like donating to enertion


anymore enertion motors left for sale

No @dg798 ^^