Selling my stuff, pay what you want

So after three years of not using my board (I don’t want UK police to confiscate them) I need to sell the parts for mine and my wife’s board since they haven’t had any use. I’m more than happy to add additional photos, answer questions etc. Everything works well and some parts haven’t ever been used.

There is no minimum price; if you want an item, either pm me or reply to this post with your offer. The highest offer for an item by Sunday 10:00pm (London time) will be accepted and I’ll wrap things up to post on Monday or Tuesday at the latest. Anything that hasn’t sold will be available after this time but if they can’t find a home after a week I’ll probably recycle them.

I’ll try to get these shipped out at a price that gets the item to you quickly but not at the cost of an arm and a leg. I ask that you pay postage to your location (these items will be coming from London, UK).

I’d like for these to go to a new home and to use the money raised from this for my next tinkering project.

I’ve been on this forum for a while before my hiatus, some may remember me organising the first Secret Santa (back in 2017 I think it was). I hope that still serves me some credibility for selling despite my inactivity.

Let’s begin…

Torque Boards 6355 260KV motor, max of about 15 miles on it.

Two genuine Bluetooth modules, can be sold separately.



SK3 6372 192KV motor, has about 100 miles on it, has never let me down.

ABEC wheel pulley

Orangatang Kegel Wheel pulley

Belts of various lengths, all unused. Can be sold separately.

! Motor pulleys, one is secured with a slug, the other with a pin. Can be sold separately.

PXL_20210805_091723240|375x500 Unused wheel pulley


Battery charger, still in excellent condition.

Motor mount from Enertion

CNC’d motor mounts, one lightly used, one unused. Can be sold separately.


BN gen 0???


Lol I’m assuming so, it was their first crack at CNC motor mounts.

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OMG original Boardnamics mounts :eyes:

Those should be in a museum LOL


Any easier way for me to contact you for the parts and negotiate price?

Happy for you to PM me :slight_smile:

sold to b264 100 dolllaz

actually would look great in my collection. PMD

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Would be iinterestiong for me? Do you know is it working with 5s battery, I have seen that this is for 10s.

Also is any VESC still avaiable?

Thanks in advance


I’m afraid both VESCs and remotes have been sold and shipped. I’ve updated the post to reflect what is still available.

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Whoa! Those boardnamics are insane! I sure hope someone is able to purchase those as those are quire worth the run for the money. Halo boards enthusiasts would love to have those in their collection!

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Just wanted to bump this up, not done much else since I listed these.

Thanks for looking :slight_smile:

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I think those are second gen, but I could be wrong. First gen had a round clamp if I recall.

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This was when he prototyped a handful and sold a small batch for testing and feedback, if that’s of any use.

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