Selling new Dual 75kv 3600w TorqueBoard Hub Motors

collections/electric-skateboard-hub-motors/products/torque-dual-hub-motor-kit Retails for $380

Selling for $225+shipping

I can ship anywhere…

Havent used them once.

I couldnt find a use for them, so i decided to sell. Might as well use the money i get from these for my build. Thanks

Im based in Los Angeles.

Here is a picture of one of the hubs. It comes with two.

Edit: I just noticed, on one of the hubs, the plug of the sensor cable is kinda broken. I will be including a spare sensor cable to fix this. Price lowered from $275 to $225 because of this minor problem.

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Might help if you add your location, and if you will ship internationaly


does it come with the trucks?

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I can include the rear truck.

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ahhhhhh i’m so tempted :rofl:

me I don’t have any use for them tho. good luck!

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Thanks! :smile:

Remember that the 3600w is peak power.They can do about 500w each continious. Good luck! :grin:

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

Just so I have it straight, this comes with the 2 hub motors and the trucks they mount on, but not the front truck or the front (unpowered) wheels?


correct 10char

also accepting trades!

what type of thing are you looking for to trade?

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Depends what you have :wink:

At work at the moment. I’ll pm you tonight when i can take stock.

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Sounds good!

Still available!

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Price updated, check Edit please.

Price is nearly half off retail

Do you have an indication what shipping to the EU will cost? Also is it $225 including the rear truck?

Yes $225 including rear truck. PMed you.

I have a set of kegel wheels and a pulley kit + mount (all never been ridden) and a 6355 190kv motor. You can keep the trucks but I want the front set of wheels too. What do you think?

Will include all the hardware + belt

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