Selling Parting out my mini cruiser build

20190816_170342_HDR 20190816_170350_HDR 20190816_170447_HDR 20190816_170404_HDR

Racerstar 5045 200kv motors 30usd each

Enertion Motor mounts 30usd each

Caliber trucks (rear is modified to fit enertion pulleys) 25usd

Enertion puleys 36T 12mm 10usd each

Flypsky vesc 50usd each

90mm black flywheels + bearings 15usd

Remote controller 15usd

3x 2s 5000mah lipos with bms for charging 100usd

Keep in mind I’m located in Toronto Canada :canada:

Thank you

@b264 mounts dude

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No mounts @Tampaesk8er


PMd for mounts

i’l take the motors.

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No fuck all apparently. Wonder what they will call themselves when they get to Seattle? They better think about employing Brian for the weather proofing though.

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Motors sold